Big Data, Big Problems.

Big Data received its name because of three attributes that have grown beyond the capabilities of current technology: volume (sheer size of data sets); velocity (rapid changes to data); and variety (unstructured and variegated nature of data).

Nowhere is the classical separation of processing and memory more harmful, and Emu’s technology more promising, than in the world of Big Data.

Taming the Three V’s ...

  • Volume.

    Emu’s architecture scales to large data sets, which will offer the highest possible density of memory per unit of rack space (period).

  • Velocity.

    Emu’s focus on low latency and high concurrency in the memory will support rapidly changing data orders of magnitude faster than classic systems.

  • Variety.

    Emu’s enhanced memory technologies are designed to handle non-tabular, unstructured data found in the most difficult Big Data applications.

About Us

Our group has decades of experience in both business and research.

Our lead investor group, Blu Ventures, has a proven track record in technology investments. Our inventors have changed the way computing works in the past and are doing it again.

We are actively seeking brilliant minds that think outside... Click here and send us an email with your resume.

Engineers tend to be very practical, we all want to see the research we do have a real impact on the world. This technology represents years of research and collaboration and we are excited to see it come to fruition and soon be implemented.
Jay Brockman, Co-Founder & CTO of Emu Solutions

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