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A new Big Data platform with 10x+ performance improvements for companies challenged with
"data intensive problems"

The Answer for Big Data


Achieve the next level of insight


Faster through massive parallelism and efficient memory retrieval


Lower energy – less data moved shorter distances


Compute, memory size, memory bandwidth and software all scale simultaneously

Memory-Side Processing

Emu Technology has developed Migratory Memory-Side Processing, which is processing tightly coupled to a distributed shared memory, without needing buses or caches

  • Many lightweight cores tightly coupled to memory
    • Minimizes latency and energy use
    • Unnecessary data is not fetched to fill cache lines
    • No cache coherency traffic is required
  • Executing thread moves to the data
    • Network traffic is one way
    • Moving a thread context moves less data than reading a data block from a remote memory
  • Programmed in a true parallel language, Cilk, instead of library calls

Market Applications

Numerical Search
HPCG Graph Analysis (complex data mining)
Reservoir Modeling Network Optimization
Climate Modeling Risk and Fraud Analysis
Quantum Physics Map/Reduce
Quantum Chemistry Personalized Medicine
Molecular Dynamics Machine Learning
Many-body Problems Neural Nets
Signal and Image Processing Gene Sequence Analysis