A new Big Data platform with 10x+ performance improvements for companies challenged with “data intensive problems”


The Answer for Big Data

Achieve the next level of insight

Faster through massive parallelism and efficient memory retrieval

Lower energy – less data moved shorter distances

Compute, memory size, memory bandwidth and software all scale simultaneously


Memory-Side Processing

Emu Technology has developed Migratory Memory-Side Processing, which is processing tightly coupled to a distributed shared memory, without needing buses or caches

Many lightweight cores tightly coupled to memory

  • Minimizes latency and energy use
  • Unnecessary data is not fetched to fill cache lines
  • No cache coherency traffic is required

Executing thread moves to the data

  • Network traffic is one way
  • Moving a thread context moves less data than reading a data block from a remote memory
Programmed in a true parallel language, Cilk, instead of library calls




Reservoir Modeling
Climate Modeling
Quantum Physics
Quantum Chemistry
Molecular Dynamics
Many-body Problems
Signal and Image Processing
Graph Analysis (complex data mining)
Network Optimization
Risk and Fraud Analysis
Personalized Medicine
Machine Learning
Neural Nets
Gene Sequence Analysis