Nationally recognized co-founders, Dr. Peter Kogge, Dr. Jay Brockman and Dr. Ed Upchurch, put together a team of world renowned computer architects at Emu Solutions. For the past five years, this team has been developing an Exascale-capable computing architecture designed specifically to tackle the ‘Big Data’ applications that are choking today’s supercomputers.

Emu holds numerous patents and patents pending for it’s proprietary technologies designed specifically to address data intensive, real-time Big Data analytics. We combine finely grained parallelism with in-Memory computing and migration of compute context to data. This architecture is perfectly suited for real-time analysis of massive sparse data and streaming data that cannot be addressed with any conventional computers. The result is greater scale, greater efficiency and lower energy consumption required to deliver real-time pattern matching and trend analysis that is essential in threat intelligence, personalized medicine, fraud detection and machine learning.

Emu has offices in New York, NY and South Bend, IN.



“Today’s computer architectures are basically the same as they were 50 years ago; no one could have predicted then the vast data sets organizations would employ today – it no longer makes sense to move mountains of data in and out of the CPU’s. At Emu we dared to conceive a computer that addresses this challenge from the ground up.” –Marty Deneroff



James (Jim) Hunt , CEO

Jim is a seasoned technology and investment professional with a principle focus on companies with technologies that can have a positive impact on the national security sector markets. Jim sits on five corporate boards and has exited 24 investments over the past ten years in the area of cyber and physical security, Internet-of-Things, data center management, social media, analytics, and mobile applications. Jim is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Rochester Institute of Technology.


Marty Deneroff, Chief Operating Officer

Marty’s prior experience includes VP Server and Micro-Processor Engineering at SGI where he was responsible for delivering systems and VP Engineering at D.E. Shaw Research where he was chief architect of the Anton.  Marty has 30+ yrs. experience in the industry in a variety of capacities.


Peter M. Kogge Ph.D., Founder

Peter is a Chaired Professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering . Peter is an IBM Fellow and the 2012 Seymour Cray Award winner among other awards. Prior to academia, he spent 26 yrs. with IBM research. Peter’s undergraduate degree is from Notre Dame and he has a Ph.D. from Stanford in Electrical Engineering.

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Jay Brockman, Ph.D., Founder

Jay is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and an Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. He spent four years at Intel prior to academia.  Carnegie Mellon Ph.D., ND Professor,  4 yr. Senior Product Engineer at Intel, 28 yrs. in academia with most recent 22 years being at Notre Dame.

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Richard Sheroff, Vice President of Sales

Richard Sheroff has over 25 years of experience in the computer industry. He was a co-founder and/or executive at several companies including Data General, Cambridge Robotics, MasPar, Convex, Zantaz and OpenText.
Richard and his colleagues were key in developing and deploying the world’s first commercial applications using large-scale parallel processing systems. First, was the interceptor (GBR- Ground Based RADAR) of the Patriot Missile Defense System partnering with Raytheon Corporation. Shortly thereafter, he teamed with Lockheed Martin in the design and successful implementation of the FBI’s IAFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprinting Identification System) using 128-way parallel computer systems.
Richard has a BS Degree in Engineering from Cornell University.

Anne Vincenti, Vice President of Marketing

Anne brings a rich understanding of data-intensive Big Data technologies, high-performance computing and analytics solutions to Emu. She’s led product and professional services teams, established global Managed Service Provider programs, evangelized cutting-edge technologies. Previously, Anne was Product Management Director over Servers and I/O at SGI, and Business Manager for Storage and Parallel File Systems at Linux Networx. She led Big Data analytics efforts in Seagate’s Evault cloud business and most recently has served as an advisor to a seed funded start-up on their artificial intelligence SaaS solution.

Anne earned her MSIA (MBA) degree from Carnegie Mellon University.