Emu Chick Migratory Thread System First to Enter Georgia Tech’s Rogue’s Gallery

Emu Technology announces Georgia Tech’s receipt of an Emu Chick 256 core system with breakthrough migratory thread technology. Georgia Tech’s Center for Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH) is spearheading an initiative to make unique computers available to industry and academia, and the Emu Chick is the first system selected. “This memory-centric architecture employs threads to move the compute context to the data, rather than a conventional approach of moving data to processors. We anticipate exciting breakthroughs in data intensive massive scale graph algorithms performance,” said David A Bader, Professor and Chair, School of Computational Science and Engineering who leads the effort.  “Emu’s paradigm flips the compute process on its head and makes it an ideal choice for the Rogue’s Gallery.”

The Emu team has been developing an Exascale-capable computing architecture specifically designed to tackle the data intensive Big Data applications that choke today’s most powerful computers. “Our systems put data at the heart of their design,” said Martin Deneroff, Chief Operating Officer Emu Technology. “By recognizing that today’s toughest compute challenges are data access and data movement dominated unlike applications of the past, we’ve rethought how to effectively drive efficient use of today’s technologies for real-time Big Data analysis.”

The Emu architecture is perfectly suited for real-time analysis of massive sparse data and streaming data that cannot be addressed with any traditional von Neumann architecture computers. This focus sits at the heart of Georgia Tech’s on-going research into high performance graph analytics with their innovative STINGER framework. The combination promises greater scale, greater efficiency and lower energy consumption required to deliver real-time pattern matching and trend analysis that is essential in threat intelligence, personalized medicine, fraud detection and machine learning.

The Georgia Tech CRUNCH system is funded with an Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) grant of $662,525.

About Emu Technology. Emu Technology is the leader for data intensive, real-time Big Data computing, combining finely grained parallelism with in-Memory computing and migration of compute context to data. The result is greater scale, greater efficiency and lower energy required to deliver high fidelity insights in less time.