Emu Technology announces DRIVE Program for Developers

Emu Technology is pleased to announce its Developer/Researcher Initiative for high-Velocity Exascale (DRIVE) program for algorithm and application developers. Drive is a comprehensive program that enables access to essential tools, Emu hardware and a supportive community for researchers and developers who are chartered with addressing the toughest challenges in scientific, data intensive Big Data analytics today. “The Emu solution is designed from the ground up to minimize data movement by delivering a fine grained, parallel environment with massive shared memory, coupled with automatic migration of the computing context to data, rather than the traditional von Neumann model of moving data to the CPU or GPU,” said Martin Deneroff, Chief Operating Officer, Emu Technology. “We’ve had tremendous interest from the research community to have access to Emu systems, and the DRIVE Program is designed to accelerate that access.”

Emu Technology is partnering with scientists and researchers who are focused on developing new algorithms for Processing in Memory (PIM) systems using industry standard tools including Cilk, Open MP, Python and Caffe, as well as those with interest in optimizing algorithmic operations and library calls, such as matrix-matrix multiply and GraphBLAS. “We were impressed that we could quickly run codes on the Emu system, and our students immediately jumped on to do independent development after a brief tutorial” said Professor Tom Conte, Founding Director of the Georgia Tech Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies, which received an Emu Chick at the beginning of November. “The programming environment is familiar, even though the architecture is truly innovative. As part of our commitment to broad research, we have made the Emu system available to students, faculty and industry collaborators, who can sign up for access on our CRNCH center site.”

Emu has partnered with Reservoir Labs for the CilkPlus front-end and runtime environment, knowing they embrace our emphasis on ease of use. “Our CilkPlus front-end enables fine-grain asynchronous task spawning and synchronization,” said Benoit Meister, Managing Research Engineer at Reservoir Labs. “Building a high-performance, extensible compiler that presents a familiar environment enables developers to focus their efforts on algorithms and applications rather than learning the intricacies of new programming models.”

The Drive program provides simulator software, remote access to migratory thread capable hardware running standard Linux, grant writing support and a community of like-minded innovators delivering an ever-expanding range of middleware, algorithms and applications. In contrast to other novel architectures such as Quantum computers, the Emu design utilizes familiar coding paradigms which enable accelerated adoption of the technology. In addition to providing remote access to an Emu system, the Emu team will help researchers develop a business case for a grant by providing insights into the work effort and estimates of performance. Sign up to accelerate your scientific efforts today by visiting the Emu booth 2101 at SC17. Or, by visiting Emu’s website.

Emu Technology is the leader for data intensive, real-time Big Data computing, combining finely grained parallelism with in-Memory computing and migration of compute context to data. The result is greater scale, greater efficiency and lower energy required to deliver high fidelity insights in less time.