Emu Technology announces the Chick Right-sized Memory Server

(May 3, 2016) – Emu Technology today announced that it will make its patented Migratory Memory-Side Processing technology affordable to a much broader base of customers with the introduction of the Chick Memory Server.  The Chick is a compact tower implementation of Emu’s rack-based Emu 1 Memory Server, and is capable of operating in a “copy room” environment using 120 VAC power.  “The Chick will be a game changer for customers with shrinking IT hardware budgets and a growing dependence on big data and high performance computing (HPC) to drive business decisions in real-time, or to achieve engineering and scientific breakthroughs”, says Marty Deneroff, Emu Technology COO.

With 512 GB of main memory, 64 of Emu’s unique Gossamer Cores, and 8 TB of solid state disk, the Chick will deliver performance levels equaling that of multiple racks of hardware using conventional servers for many graph-analytic applications, including Gene Sequencing, Personalized Medicine, Fraud Detection, and real-time Portfolio Valuation and Trading.  “The Chick supports an unprecedented amount of random-access memory bandwidth for a cabinet of this size.  It is capable of over 2 GUPS on the Random Access benchmark, and uses far less energy with a greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership relative to alternative solutions of equal computational power or cost”, adds Deneroff.

The Chick will be upwardly compatible with the Emu 1 system that will be announced later this year, and will serve as an excellent entry-level system and software development platform for HPC big data application developers that want to exploit the full potential of the Emu architecture and a new programming paradigm based on moving computation to where the data resides, not the other way around.