Emu Technology delivers Emu Chick Memory Server to ORNL

chick right-sized memory server

(October 20, 2016) – Emu Technology today announced that it has delivered an Emu Chick Memory Server to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The Emu Chick, which features migratory threads and memory side-processing architecture, is a compact tower implementation of Emu’s rack-based Emu1 Memory Server and is capable of operating in a “copy room” environment using 120 VAC power.


Jeffrey S. Vetter, Director of the Future Technologies Group at ORNL’s Computer Science and Mathematics Division, stated, “ORNL intends to study the system for streaming graph analysis applications, sparse multilinear computations, and other memory-intensive problems, as we continue to test the potential of emerging computing technologies to further our mission within the DOE.” “The Emu Chick will be a game changer for customers with shrinking IT hardware budgets and a growing dependence on big data and high performance computing (HPC) to drive business decisions in real-time, or to achieve engineering and scientific breakthroughs,” says Marty Deneroff, Emu Technology COO.   The Emu Chick will be upwardly compatible with the Emu1 Rack system that will be announced early next year.  It will serve as an excellent entry-level system and software development platform for HPC big data application developers that want to exploit the full potential of the Emu architecture and a new programming paradigm based on moving computation to where the data resides, not the other way around.

About Emu Technology

Emu Technology is a manufacturer of leading edge computers that address the fundamental limitations of conventional HPC systems.  Emu is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana.

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