Emu Technology delivers Emu Chick Memory Server to ORNL

chick right-sized memory server

South Bend, IN – (October 20, 2016) – Emu Technology today announced that it has delivered an Emu Chick Memory Server to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The Emu Chick, which features migratory threads and memory side-processing architecture, is a compact tower implementation of Emu’s rack-based Emu1 Memory Server and is capable of operating in a “copy room” environment using 120 VAC power.


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Emu Technology completes Series A-1 Funding Round

South Bend, IA – (July 15, 2016) – Emu Technology today announced that it has completed its series A-1 funding round, raising over $3.49M from a mix of new and previous investors. Leading the round was Blu Ventures Inc., with major participation from the IrishAngels.

CEO Ken Jacobsen said “This new funding will enable Emu to complete the design, manufacture, and marketing of both our Emu Chick and Emu1 Memory Server Products. We are excited by the enthusiasm and confidence of our investors and customers, and thank the Board of Directors and management team for their efforts in completing the round.”

Emu Technology announces the Chick Right-sized Memory Server

South Bend, IA – (May 3, 2016) – Emu Technology today announced that it will make its patented Migratory Memory-Side Processing technology affordable to a much broader base of customers with the introduction of the Chick Memory Server.  The Chick is a compact tower implementation of Emu’s rack-based Emu 1 Memory Server, and is capable of operating in a “copy room” environment using 120 VAC power.  “The Chick will be a game changer for customers with shrinking IT hardware budgets and a growing dependence on big data and high performance computing (HPC) to drive business decisions in real-time, or to achieve engineering and scientific breakthroughs”, says Marty Deneroff, Emu Technology COO.

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Innovative Memory Server Knocks Analytics Systems into Balance

As the shift in high performance computing has taken an efficient data-intensive supercomputing turn in recent years, fundamental rethinks in architecture are coming to the fore. IBM, Intel, and others are striving to create more balanced systems, but in the midst of larger efforts sits something quite unique—and possibly key to the future of processing data-intensive HPC workloads very quickly and efficiently.

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Emu Technology provides a quantum leap in performance for “Big Data”

Austin Texas Press Release

Nationally awarded co-founders Dr. Peter Kogge, Dr. Jay Brockman and Dr. Ed Upchurch put together a team of world renowned computer architects at Emu Technology. For the past five years, this team has been developing an Exascale-capable computing architecture designed specifically to tackle the ‘Big Data’ applications that are choking today’s supercomputers. Emu Technology will unveil its revolutionary Migrating Thread Computer at the SC15 supercomputing conference, November 16-19, 2015, in Austin, Texas.

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