The EMU Chick: Migratory Thread Technology Right-Sized for Mainstream Problems

Emu Technology proudly offers our ground-breaking Migratory Thread technology in a compact, affordable package at the right size for a wide range of real world problems:

  • Genome Sequencing and Personalized Medicine
  • Real-time portfolio valuation and trading
  • Fraud detection
  • Software Development for larger Emu Systems


The Emu Chick is an 8 node (64 nodelet) Emu computer housed in a “Tower” case. It operates from 120 VAC power and requires no special computer room infrastructure. It easily integrates with your LAN infrastructure, connecting to any gigabit Ethernet port. It provides sufficient memory and storage for many common Data Analytics applications, and is completely software compatible with larger Emu1 systems.

Emu Chick Specifications

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Emu1 Memory Server

32 Node Motherboard


Emu Node Card

The Emu Node Card is used in both the Emu1 Memory Server and the Emu Chick. 


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Emu1 Rack Configuration

  • Rack Configuration 256 nodes (32/Tray)
  • 16 8 lane PCIexpress Gen 3 Slots (2/Tray)
  • 24 ProDrive™ Switches
  • Apprx 40 KW per rack

Emu System Characteristics

  • 256 racks, 256 nodes/rack, 8 nodelets/node
  • Air or building water cooling, ~40 KW/rack
  • High radix RapidIO™ network
  • 16 TB DDR4 RAM
  • 256 TB solid state disk
  • 2048 memory channels @ 2.5 GB/s
  • > 2 TB/s bisection bandwidth